Auchi Polytechnic/Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Skills-in-Demand Project: A Review of Concept, Objectives and Strategies

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // The Skills in Demand Project is an initiative of Commonwealth of Learning (COL) with Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi partnering with the Auchi Tailors Union. It is a formal curriculum for training fashion designers under the National Skills Qualification (NSQ) Framework using apprentices under different master-craft persons to upgrade and standardize their training, evaluate their competence and certify them while still under the master-craft persons. The knowledge component of the curriculum will be delivered by Auchi Polytechnic Team members headed by the Project Manager using Open and Distance Learning (ODL) method with AptusPi devices provided by Commonwealth of Learning which is pre-loaded with Moodlebox LMS. The practical component will be delivered in the workplace by master-craft persons, who would be given prior training on competency-based learning and use of formal curriculum. The apprentices would be assessed internally and externally and issued NSQ Level 2 Certificates if competent by National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB). This initiative is necessitated by the rising demand for knowledge, skilled and competent workforce in the Nigeria fashion and garment industry especially among the women and girls to deliver quality designs for fashion apparel, research fashion trends and similar design, create prototypes of design piece, collaborate with fabric manufacturers for materials and work with other designers and creators to build designs. The project is co-funded by Commonwealth of learning to ensure girls and women are given better considerations and improve their employability, find decent employment and startup businesses in the nearest future as it concerns women. The benefits of this project will be in four-fold namely: learners will be acquiring new skills; acquainted with trainers who are specialist in various skills that might attract their interest to learn; increase livelihood and remote access to the training. The Auchi Polytechnic will improve on its standards and create a platform for its skills to be evaluated; the Internal Generation of Revenue (IGR) of the institution will also increase, then improve the institutional (production, achievements, women presence etc) ranking. The master-craft person (i.e. the project partners) will be more competent as they will be more exposed to the new skills and technology and the use of competency-based assessment. Lastly, the Commonwealth of Learning objectives of skills upscale and poverty reduction from partner countries would be achieved. // Paper ID 5975

Quality Assurance,Upskilling,Skills Development,Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Gender