Expansion of Competency Based Skills Training for the Neo-Literates Through Technology Assisted Course Materials: Perspective Bangladesh

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Shahnewaz, Khan
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Bangladesh, a predominantly agriculture-based developing country has a population of approximately 160 million. About 88% of around 49.5 million total labor forces are engaged in the informal economy. Low level of skills among the labor force is one of the fundamental constraints for high productivity. It is estimated that around 40% of the total labor force in Bangladesh lacks minimum level of education and possesses little to no skills. At present, capacity of the TVET system of Bangladesh is inadequate to address the huge demand of skills training. A framework for implementation of skills training following NTVQF has not been fully introduced yet at all levels by all skills training providers. It is recognized that state provisions alone cannot satisfy the increasing demand for vocational skills. In Bangladesh private training providers make up 96% of total TVET institutions and enroll about 75% trainees. Most of the private training providers lack competency based training materials and competent trainers to organize local level training courses. // To enhance capacity of the private training providers for delivering competency based quality skills training, DAM in cooperation with COL developed three “Basic Trade Certificate Course”. The three course materials on “Beauty care”, “Garments Machine Operation”, and “Karchupi” were developed based on identified market demand. These consists of 3 “Training Manuals”, 3 “Handbooks”, and 118 “Video Clips” on process demonstration. Course materials were developed keeping consistency with Pre-Vocational Level 2 of the NTVQF. This provision allow trainees to enter into formal TVET programmes. On the other hand trainers can strengthen their skills and techniques by following the training manuals, instructional video clips and handbooks. This technology based innovative training material is first of its kind in Bangladesh. Three course materials are available online as OER and helping private training providers of Bangladesh to deliver quality skills training. // Paper ID 475

Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET)