Global Advocacy for Educational Resilience – How to Build a National or Regional Advocacy Campaign for Open, Flexible and Distance Learning

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Building Resilience [PRESENTATION] // Two years of oscillating school closures globally has underscored the vulnerability of campus-based in-person learning and, in turn, exposed the vulnerability of equitable and open access points to education. To support millions of displaced learners, institutions and systems alike rapidly adopted alternative off-campus approaches, as an emergency response to teaching and learning. Advocates of Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning (OFDL) environments have been building resilient education systems that enable equitable and inclusive access for decades. These efforts, however, have regularly faced significant stigma stemming from the false assumption that OFDL environments are inferior to in-person educational environments. Despite exponential growth over the last two years, scalable and resilient OFDL environments continue to face systemic barriers in public policy, academic and operational practice, and government support. These systemic barriers limit the ultimate potential for educators to truly transform lives and communities. Regrettably, many of the barriers standing in the way are beyond the control of any one institution or educational system, thereby necessitating strong advocacy efforts to influence change. // The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) aims to change the narrative regarding OFDL policy and practice through advocacy as a global community. The ICDE is actively working to strengthen global advocacy efforts regarding OFDL and enable greater regional and national influence through members and partners. Originally developed during a series of Leadership Summits and President Forums involving OFDL experts from across the globe, the ICDE has created an advocacy toolkit that can be used as a framework to promote OFDL at the national and regional levels. // In this workshop will introduce the ICDE Advocacy Campaign and toolkit ( This toolkit seeks to help attendees plan and prepare how to participate or lead a regional or national advocacy intervention suitable for their home country drawing on the open licensed materials developed by the ICDE, the advocacy messages for dissemination, and a campaign leaflet. By the conclusion of the workshop attendees will have identified key stakeholders, tailored relevant messages, and identified key resources and partners in support of their advocacy efforts. // Together, we can systematically dismantle the conscious or subconscious barriers that stand between learners and their future potential by advocating for change to public policy, practice, and resources that are necessary to improve open and equitable access to resilient education systems, nationally and globally. // Paper ID 5072

Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Educational Resilience,Flexible Learning,Open Access