A Case Study on Role of Distance Education in Preventive to Curative Health and Nutrition Issues

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5 Sub-theme: Health // Delivering education and learning at distance is a way of reply to one of the important challenges for a country’s population and health professionals scattered at different remote areas. Present case study was carried out at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan offering post graduate degree programme in community health and nutrition using distance learning approach. The objective of the study was to see how the distance education system was effectively utilized to address health, food & nutrition issues of the community? // Objectives of the programme, eligibility criteria, target groups enrolled, scheme of the study of the academic programme, methodology adapted for distance teaching in order to equip the students with latest knowledge related to course work, research work and field practice of knowledge imparted to the health professionals was studied. It was carefully reviewed why particular groups of health professionals from the remote areas of the country were interested in such post graduate health and nutrition programmes operated by distance mode of teaching. The procedure adapted by the academic department offering the degree programme to address the health and nutrition issues of the community such as malnutrition and various nutritional deficiency diseases by involving the enrolled health professionals was studied and it was tried to investigate how health graduates were trained in provision of preventive health care services to their respective communities? Their expected contribution to the community after successful completion of the programme was also assessed by reviewing the research projects completed by the health professionals in relation to the cure of disease. // It was concluded that distance learning could be successfully used as a tool to convey a quick and effective solution of common health issues of particular community from preventive to curative range by training the health professionals and their support staff. // Paper ID 200