Information Communication in Accelerating the Development Process: A Case Study of CDL

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF2 // The NGO sector in Bangladesh is large, diversified and vibrant. The experience of last three decades show a secular trend from traditional social welfare activities to more complex and challenging field of human and economic development, particularly for the vulnerable sections of the population. They are playing a proactive role in a wide range of fields, from social mobilization to micro credit, from development communication to environmental activism and from social service delivery to policy advocacy. The NGO sector presently consumes about one-fifth of the total foreign economic assistance to Bangladesh and serves a big clientele of over ten million households. // Community Development Library (CDL) was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organization to cater to the information need of the development sector and the civil society. The mission of CDL is to narrow down the existing knowledge gap through sharing essential and critical information. The primary objective is to provide a sustained access to information for those who need them most. The thrust areas are as follows: // To collect, process, document and disseminate information on key areas like education, environment, health, human rights, gender, children, peace and ethnicity. // • To develop an audio-visual resource center. // • To raise awareness through research, publication, workshop, seminar, study circle and networking. // • To promote development initiatives of grassroots communities and organizations through advisory service, training and logistic support. //• To highlight experiences of development endeavors through documentation and dissemination of case studies. // • To lobby and campaign on issues which have direct and indirect bearing on the people, particularly the disadvantaged sections. // • To establish and strengthen information network among different stakeholders of development. // After two decades of efforts, CDL has been able to establish itself as a resource center in the field of development information and communication. //