Skill for Empowerment: Break the Cage: Challenges for Open and Distance Learning

Akhter, Zobaida
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Bangladesh has made some great strides in promoting gender equality in the education sector by managing to close the gender gap in gross and net enrolment ratios in primary and secondary education. However, this success has not been replicated in achieving gender parity at the levels of technical skills development and in particular the TVET sector. In fact, the TVET sector is characterized by gender inequalities and stereotyping, reinforcing gender division of labour in occupational segregation in the labour market which is a constraint for women to enter into new, non-traditional and higher income professions. Girls and boys are channelled into different paths, usually resulting in different outcomes and in particular different earnings. The social mindset of families and girls’/women’s own views need to be changed, to remove gender disparities in access to opportunities at receiving training in diversified skills so that the life status of both women and men is enhanced.. In Bangladesh, TVET and employment programmes have been gaining increased attention from policymakers and other stakeholders. At the same time, women are becoming an increasingly important concern in TVET through different project. It is the right of women to participate in education and training on an equal basis with men and it has become part of the internationally-endorsed Millennium Declaration and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)1. At present, it has been experienced that in TVET system, women are still unrepresented from all respect. However, it has been difficult to focus attention on equal opportunity efforts specifically within TVET. Open and Distance learning could minimize and balance the gap. Bangladesh open university could raise a big question in this international platform to get the best approach to determine the issue with a acceptable solution. // Paper ID: 246
Skills Development, Employable Skills, Technical/Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Gender