Technology based Literacy Education through Distance Mode in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF2 // Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population of 130 million. As per statistics (1999) its literacy rate stands at 56 percent. In Bangladesh the Government and Non-Government Organizations have taken a sufficient initiative to increase the literacy rate but the significant development is yet to achieve. // Sophisticated technological development in the education world changes the pattern of role and responsibility of learners and teachers and creates more opportunities of learning. Using the virtual image of the Distance Education system there emerges a new horizon of innovativeness with its unlimited possibilities to resolve a very long felt need of eradicating illiteracy and developing person resource (HRD) in the globe. // It is also potentially dynamic and flexible due to methodology and instrumentation. Technologies are used in distance education and which can create a forceful impact to accelerate mass literacy, gender balance and also help develop person resource in the pursuit of acquiring different branches of knowledge and skill along with technical and vocational aspects to meet the thirsty need of the time. // In Bangladesh there are many Non Government Organizations (NGOs), working as a partner in the literacy development as well as other socio-economic and cultural development process of the country along with other international development partners. There may be a revolutionary achievement in eradicating illiteracy if those partners in development process can be unified to collaborate with each other for working in the system of distance and open learning. This paper addresses the issues for developing strategies for technology based cost effective literacy programme. It also highlights to identify the parameters for developing a cost effective, appropriate and technology based learning resources for literacy programme describing the problems and prospects of technology-based literacy training in Bangladesh. //