Improving Exam Performance Among Low Achievers of 3rd Year B.A.(Hum) Programme offered by Institute of Distance Education, University of Swaziland

Sukati, C W S
Rastogi, Satish
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This project was undertaken to diagnose difficult course content by students in different low performance courses and to wash out these difficulties with the help of a tutor support as well as help these learners for enhancing their exam performance and thus passing out in low achieving courses. Out of 64 low achievers only 32 being 50% had replied to a Questionnaire for diagnosis of difficult content, expectations from tutors and some other comments in four subjects as below.The students in History had some academic difficulties in H202, H213&H305 courses with some expectations in H202& H305 and some additional comments in H202, H213&H305.Similarly, in Theology & Religious Studies, they had academic difficulties, expectations from the tutor and some other comments in only T3P2 (TRS 303) course. In African Language & Literature, academic difficulty was in AL210,AL300, AL301,AL304, and some expectations from tutors in AL300, AL301, AL304, as well as some other comments were in AL210, AL300, AL301, AL304. But, in English subject, the situation was worse as they expressed academic difficulties in all courses except in Eng 205. The expectations from the Tutors and some special comments had been in all courses except in Eng 206.The concerned tutors had been advised for making difficult content as easy to grasp by present students and future batches too. An urgent orientation of all tutors/ teachers about their role and responsibilities was felt essential. Necessary Audio/ Video support be developed to explain the difficult course content. ‘Learner Association’ by grouping students for the same programme may be helpful for interaction among them. A strong habit must be developed for using Internet by IDE students and their tutors. It would help them to be in contact with each other and from one to another for an academic interaction even after contact sessions. // Paper ID: 323

Institutional Development,Higher Education,Academic Performance,Monitoring and Evaluation