Basic Computer Literacy for Sierra Leone Police Officers

Thoronka, Kaprie
Sesay, Alpha B
Sesay, Abu B
Thoronka, Kevin W
Jawara, Fatmata H
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This project highlights training of Sierra Leone Police Officers in Makeni City, Sierra Leone. // Information communication and technologies in Sierra Leone is at 99% poor and it is accessible. The use of computers and the Internet is another big problem. Youths, women and children don't have access. In 2012, Yegesie International Open College of Technology (YIOTEC) with the mandate to provide free access to computing and the Internet became a solution. YIOTEC started with consultation, meetings, workshops and seminars on the power of the computer and the Internet. // Internet Society and the Senior Experten Service - Bonn became technical supporters where they trained the staff of YIOTEC, which became trainers for different groups in Sierra Leone. YIOTEC found out that the Sierra Leone Police Force, to be a Force for Good, they have to be Computer Literate and be part of the digital world to bridge the International Digital Divide. YIOTEC's mission is to empower and equip both old and young willing to fight against this NEW ILLITERACY. // YIOTEC in partnership with the Sierra Leone Police, GIZ and regional headquarters of Sierra Leone Police, trained 150 senior Police officers dealing with records and Information and Communication. The Inspector General of Police found the course - Basic Computer Literacy for Officers so important, supported the continuation of training. More have been given the priority to be part of the digital world. Officers were trained in Microsoft Office Application programs and Internet and Computer Core CERTIFICATE courses - IC3 which have proved successfully and has caused many officers to be employed in DARFUR. // The Police can now be able to handle office work using the computer and the Internet, searching for information relating to their work or duty and also in designing activities to combat Cyber Crime. These 2 courses took 6 months. // Today, YIOTEC have trained over 560 students including the Police officers, the Soldiers and Bike riders. // Materials are provided by Senior Experten Service and other Information Technology Open learning institutions. This course was taken at their time, and graduates were promoted to other ranks. // Paper ID: 464

Technology and Innovation,Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Digital Divide,Digital Literacy,Police
Sierra Leone