Education and the Future of the Commonwealth

McKinnon, Donald C
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Education and the Future of the Commonwealth, Summary: FIFTH ANNUAL LECTURE OF THE COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION IN THE COMMONWEALTH By The Rt Hon Donald C McKinnon, Secretary General of the Commonwealth 18 January 2001. (courtesy of the Commonwealth Secretariat) // Let me first thank the CEC for the kind invitation to deliver this year's lecture. It is quite opportune that I should be talking to you on this subject, so soon after the highly successful Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (14CCEM) in Halifax, Canada. // I would, however, like to point out that for the first time in over forty years of Commonwealth education co-operation, ministers reached agreement in Halifax on a major statement that builds on the unique experiences and strengths of the Commonwealth to set out a clear framework for future cooperation in education and human development. This would hopefully enable our societies to meet current and future challenges in a rapidly changing world where education is of paramount importance. That document, entitled Education for our Common Future is also known as The Halifax Statement on Education in the Commonwealth. I strongly recommend it to you as an important guide to understanding what the Commonwealth seeks to achieve in the field of education, and why education itself is so important to the future of the Commonwealth. // Turning to the business at hand, I propose to cover three main points in this lecture. First I shall briefly highlight the dangers of complacency about the future of the Commonwealth. We need to be aware that nothing can be taken for granted in today's world, regardless of pedigree or potential. Second, I shall try to sketch out a personal vision for the future of the Commonwealth. This is perhaps foolhardy of me, given the exponential rate and unpredictable nature of change in today's world. Finally, I shall explore the role of education as a key to the future of the Commonwealth.

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