Book Review: Radical Solutions for Education in Africa: Open Education and Self-directed Learning in the Continent

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

The discourse of educational philosophy has gradually shifted over years from pedagogy to andragogy to heutagogy. In pedagogy, what is learnt, and how, is both determined and directed by the teacher; in andragogy, it is determined by the teacher and directed by the learner; in heutagogy, both determination and direction shift to the learner (Blashke,Kenyon & Hase, 2014)[1]. This write up is a review of the publication entitled: Radical Solutions for Education in Africa: Open Education and Self-directed Learning in the Continent. The book under review explores the concept of self-directed learning (SDL) within the context of open education. It foregrounds open education as the preferred approach to addressing educational challenges in Africa, using technology and open education resources (OER). It also explores possibilities of enhancing SDL from different angles, like through online learning environments, through use of Open Education Resources (OER), and through professional and vocational education. The book makes a sound argument about developments that need to happen to leverage education and what needs to preoccupy the minds of educationists, policy makers and researchers in Africa. In this regard, the book only scratches the surface regarding approaches and tools that work to transform education in the content. This review strongly recommends that research that is more targeted at specific aspects dealt with in the book should be conducted in order to establish their efficacy in bringing about educational transformation in the different contexts in Africa.

Open Learning,Self-Learners,Pedagogy,Open Educational Resources (OER)
South Africa,Ethiopia,Ghana,Nigeria,Namibia
Journal of Learning for Development; Vol 9, No 2