ODL / ICT-initiated Functional Adult Literacy for Sustainable Livelihoods: Case Study of a Pilot Project in a Remote Rural Area of Bangladesh

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5 Sub-theme: Livelihoods // A case study of a pilot project being carried out in a remote village (Arshinagar, Shariatpur) in Bangladesh aiming at alleviation of poverty through functional adult literacy is presented. The focus is on initiatives undertaken through open and distance learning, using ICT. Basically, the activities have been performed by 35 women and 20 men of 25 to 60 years of age; after learning the basics of literacy, they began developing skills for the girls and women in occupational works like tailoring and embroidery for better livelihood. Eight Tutors and Trainers, in addition to the team of project members comprising senior specialists from reputed research and development organizations are resource persons. The project particularly had teaching via face-to-face and audio-video, CD/DVD, moblie use and personal level motivation and awareness activities. After a year's schooling, the learners will be expected to attain workable literacy and skills in various occupations and behaviours that will contribute to their living condition and generate further income for their families. // Till now, most governmental and non-governmental programmes in adult or functional literacy have been through traditional or non-formal teaching and training. No significant attempts have been made through ODL mode or through ICT-mediated activities. The current model will be innovative in this and particularly for women and adults. // Equipment consists of two personal computers, one printer, one television with DVD, audio cassette player-cum-transistor for every group of 25 learners, plus two sets for the Learning Centre, some essential furniture and three mobile sets. One generator has been installed as there is no electricity in the village as yet. // The Center for Urban Studies (CUS), a 35-year old reputed research organization in Dhaka, now also addressing rural-urban migration and livelihoods, is carrying out the project by the Center for Development through Open Learning, Publishing and Communication (CEDOLPC). // Paper ID 582