External Evaluation of the 2012–2015 Three-Year Plan

Kemp, Neil
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

1.1 This evaluation was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), according to the Terms of Reference (see Annex 2). The two consultants who undertook the evaluation were Neil Kemp and Glen Farrell, selected on the basis of a competitive tender. 1.2 The evaluation considered the strategies and activities at the initiative level, as summarised in the results-based management (RBM) logic framework. An “evidenced-based” assessment of outputs and outcomes was used to evaluate whether activities were efficient, effective, relevant and sustainable, and whether the specific needs of girls and women were being addressed. The findings are supported with both quantitative and qualitative data, the details of which are provided in Annex A. 1.3 The research was heavily dependent on secondary sources of information. These included available and relevant documents from COL, such as the logic framework, baseline studies, M&E strategies, consultants’ reports, partners’ reports, contracts with partners, quarterly COL Activity Updates, Annual Progress Reports to the Board, Board meeting minutes, travel reports, President’s reports and specialist publications. These data were supplemented with interviews conducted with COL staff, Board members, partners, consultants and stakeholders. 1.4 The detailed report (see Annex A) provides the results of our analysis of each of the initiatives, including discussion of the degree to which their intended outcomes were achieved and of the RBM and Logic Model being employed. Recommendations for each initiative are at the end of each section in Annex A, and a summary of the main recommendations is provided at the end of this Summative Report. 1.5 The authors received great support from all staff within COL and cooperation from everyone asked for interviews. We particularly thank Lydia Meister for her help and support, and Patrick Spaven for his advice and critical comment. 1.6 This summative report provides a brief overview of the evaluation of each initiative.

Monitoring and Evaluation