Learning Outcomes and Achievement among Working Adult Students in the Distance and Collaborative Learning Program in Universiti Malaya

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5 Sub-theme: Cross-cutting Themes // Purpose – This research is attempt to examine the learning outcomes of the registered adult learners in the distance and e learning program in the Education Faculty, Social Science and Art Faculty and Language Faculty in Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, particularly at degree and post degree level who have followed the learning modules in distance and e learning. The objectives would be to develop an innovative and creative Learning Management System or e class couple with face to face lectures to create a highly effective and quality life long education environment. The e learning and teaching culture of the local public universities have great influence in determining the level of achievement and learning outcomes. Demographic factors, such as age, gender, race, marital status, and family background, academic achievement and salary range are other contributing factors that have to be taken into consideration. // Design/ methodology/ approach – Five dimensions of adult learners (demographic, learning culture, teaching and learning strategy, learning management system, and working experiences of adult learners) were examined to determine the performance and learning outcomes of the adult learners in the distance and e learning in the above mentioned faculties in Universiti Malaya. // Finding - In general, there is a significant difference among factors stated above with adult learners’ learning outcomes. The demographic factors are closely related to the learning culture. In addition, innovative learning management system provided and the learning environment are another two essential factors found to be the strong fundamental in the achievement and learning outcome of working adult learners in the distance and e learning program where a second chance is given to those underprivileged working adult learners who posses potentials and treasure life long learning joining the main stream of human capital to serve the nation’s development needs. // Research limitations/ implications – This study represents an addition to the extant literature on learning outcomes of adult learners in various faculties in university Malaya. // Practical implications – The learning outcomes of distance and e learning program in various faculties in Universiti Malaya are important since its inception, the university has produce high caliber, high achievers, quality technocrat, scholars and managers to serve and response to the great demands from both private and public sectors in Malaysia. // Originality– This study provides further groundwork to assist existing public or private institutions of higher learning in Malaysia to prepare themselves for investing in producing quality human capital. // Paper ID 750