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Pringle, Ian
Akingbulu, Akin
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RadioInteractive will weave together 5 key elements during the week of PCF7, all tied to radio and interactivity, communication and participation, specifically their role in learning for development (COL's mission) with a view to empowerment and transformation (PCF7 theme). //

The five elements are

  1. Pre-conference workshop (1/2 day)

  2. 10-minute interaction with delegates during the opening plenary

  3. 10-minute daily broadcast on a local radio featuring interaction with Abuja listeners

  4. Updates (results of polls, etc.) available online and via mobile

  5. Poster on interactive radio tools and experiences to be on display the whole week // Tools to choose from and feature in the poster:

  6. Beep-to-vote: affordable, easily accessible to anyone with a mobile (no need to use sms)

  7. Multiple choice surveys via SMS - can conduct surveys with listening groups/learning groups, move the responses to something like google docs spreadsheet which can then be shared with many others

  8. Post SMS to twitter and facebook pages: Using a radio station as the gateway to allow listeners to send in comments/suggestions via SMS which then get posted into facebook or onto a twitter account/hashtag

  9. Callback IVR: By “beeping” a number, a listener can be called back and given the opportunity to Leave-a-message (like voicemail). That message is then pushed around online wherever needed (sits in a dropbox folder and can be listened to, deleted, forwarded etc). But this is a bit like the VOICES project. The above technology can also allow the playback of a single piece of audio content instead of recording a message.

  10. Barza - demonstrate how Farm Radio is using online space to host communities of practice for learning, discussions as well as working groups (broadcasters working on a campaign).

  11. TracFM - the way you can use their platform to geotrack the responses of SMS polls (we are currently doing this in Uganda but it is not available elsewhere yet) // Paper ID: 491

Technology and Innovation,Empowerment,Radio in Education