Open Education in Kiribati: Stakeholder Perception of the Quality of E-Learning Resources

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Timee, Tekonnang
Tebitaki, Aberaam
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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Over the last few decades, the world has witnessed a substantial and rapid growth in Open Education. The advancement in information and communication technology (ICT) has enhanced its implementation as more teachers and students can access learning from anywhere at any time. Even so, schools and teachers in Kiribati have not been a subject to any study as we know of. To fill this gap, we have conducted a baseline study by gathering data on a number of parameters that define the e-learning readiness at Kiribati Teachers College (KTC) and the Selected Secondary Schools (SSS) in Kiribati. Specifically, we were interested in investigating what type of prior digital and ICT skills that support teachers in Teaching and Learning, and what factors impede the effectiveness of e-Learning in ten-selected SSS and KTC. Parameters have also included information about the ICT infrastructure as well as teachers’ attitude towards ICT and e-Learning classroom and personal use. Using open-ended survey questions based on the three aspects of e-Learning such as (i) mobile/computer and internet, (ii) use of ICT in the classroom and (iii) the use of ICT for teachers’ learning. Results of the baseline study report on e-Learning readiness by analyzing responses of 155 teachers. The findings show that most of the surveyed teachers have fairly good access to internet to support online Teaching and Learning, but many of them also have cautionary views about the effectiveness of the e-learning due to the online infrastructure. These preliminary findings will guide us in conducting a follow-up study in October and November 2019 that plans to study comprehensively the perception of teachers concerning the effectiveness of e-Learning resources in Kiribati. // Paper ID 279
Open Educational Resources (OER), eLearning, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)