Technology Enabled Continuing Veterinary Education through agMOOCs

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N K, Sudeepkumar
M, Selvaraju
Singh, Neeta
P, Thamizoli
Balaji, Venkataraman
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // Designing continuing veterinary education programme for practicing veterinarians has been challenging due to several reasons like higher demand from farmers in addressing specific animal health/production issues, scattered location of veterinarians working in remote rural background, lack of time and resources to visit advanced institutions for capacity building, and tracking their knowledge to serve the farming community. In this study agMOOCs platform was used to provide Continuing Veterinary Education (CVE) for veterinarians which was a pioneering effort in India to address the knowledge and skill gap of veterinarians and to address their professional needs. The study concludes that such online programmes are much needed to address, veterinary professionals since it provides greater opportunity to the learner in a convenient time and place with a scope of peer and teacher(s) interaction. The audio-visual also provide opportunity to understand the application of various test, procedure and skills required to apply and improve learners’ knowledge and skill level besides building confidence and achieving the primary objective of capacity building, bridging the knowledge gap and skill to sustain the livelihood of the poor cattle farmer by increasing the production potential of their cattle. The paper discusses on the theoretical frame work, methodology and results in terms of course design, profile of learners, interaction, course support, assessment besides discussing the advantages and limitations, and feedback on the course. Overall, the course was rated good and useful with 841 (29.97 %) of active learners being certified. // Paper ID 2152
Continuing Education, Agriculture, Blended Learning, Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL), Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Lifelong Learning