Institutional Capacity to Manage and Drive Change: A Case Study of Mombasa Technical Training Institute

Bashir, Mursal
Kyalo, Josephine
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The objective of this study was to identify the changes that have taken place in Mombasa Technical Training Institute since the introduction of FaB; the changes include the resources invested in institutional development, e.g. governance structures, infrastructure, quality systems, staff development and leadership. It further identifies the effects of such changes to the teachers, learners and the entire community in and outside the institution. The study recognizes institutional development as a strategy for managing and driving change. The study also recognizes change as a journey, not a blue print hence the need to take one step at a time. The study realises that an organization needs to bring about change in both bottom-up and top-down approaches, to this end physical change must be accompanied by change in attitude and mind set of all concerned stakeholders. // Change in the way teaching and learning takes place, the way courses are structured, organisational structure, type of students before and after the introduction of FaB approaches are discussed. How educational media and appropriate technology is being used to bring change and make the Institution more flexible and responsive to the needs of the local community is explained in the study. // The study realises that Organizational change is a structured approach in management for ensuring smooth and successful implementation of the desired outcomes. In the modern business environment, organizations face rapid change like never before. Globalization and the constant advancement of technology result in a constantly evolving operational environment. The recommendations of a survey carried out in Kenya on possible intervention mechanisms through TVET have also been examined. Information gathered and the recommendations thereof are expected to go a long way in helping the Institute develop complete and efficient intervention programs that will address the local and national problems especially that of unemployment. // The recommendations of a survey carried out in the institution by COL consultants have also been examined to identify the Institutional capacity to drive and manage change. // Paper ID: 112

Flexible Learning,Hybrid/Blended Learning,Change Management,Teaching and Learning Methods,Educational Technology,Institutional Development