Looking Ahead: Letters to the Next President from Higher Education's Leaders

Daniel, John
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Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning

Given the importance of the upcoming Presidential election, not only to the nation as a whole but to higher education, Change solicited a set of letters to the President-elect from a group of higher-education leaders: Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings; Molly Broad, president of the American Council on Education; Sir John Daniel, president of the Commonwealth of Learning and former vice-chancellor (CEO) of the UK Open University; Johnnetta Cole, former president of Spelman College; Richael Young, an undergraduate from the College of San Mateo; Gerald Graff, president of the Modern Language Association; and Robert Connor, president of the Teagle Foundation. From their various perspectives, each offers a view of the critical issues facing higher education in the coming four years and suggests what role the next President, as well as we, might play in addressing them. The letters are followed by a longer statement from the heads of the coordinating and governing boards in the states (known collectively as the SHEEOs) that addresses the same questions. // Spellings, M., Broad, M. C., Daniel, J., Cole, J. B., Young, R., Graff, G., & Connor, W. R. (2008). Looking Ahead: Letters to the Next President from Higher Education's Leaders. Change, 40(5), 8-15. doi:10.3200/CHNG.40.5.8-15

Higher Education,Governance
Caribbean and Americas