Promoting Scenario- Based e- Learning at IGNOU: Faculty Experiences

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Kanjilal, Uma
Khare, Pankaj
Naidu, Som
Menon, Mohan
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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PCF5 Sub-theme: Livelihoods // The Open and Distance Education System has proved its capabilities in addressing the needs of knowledge seekers and opportunities for continuing education. With advent of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), the delivery of educational programmes has witnessed a paradigm shift from print based teaching- learning to elearning. The learners having access to the internet and who have adapted to learning through screen have shown their preference for e- learning over print. E- learning has also witnessed dynamic changes and practitioners of ODL have initiated new models of online delivery by incorporating problem- based content software. The focuses of efforts are targeted towards the learner in the core and, the learning context and community within which learners live and work in the periphery. A model of learning and teaching, called scenario- based e- learning, has been devised and well tested universally. // Scenario- based e- learning (SBeL) is situated in a real context and is based on the idea that knowledge cannot be known and fully understood independent of its context. (Kindley, 2002) This paper describes the experience of preparing IGNOU faculty to design scenariobased e- learning instructions. Two workshops were conducted to train the faculty in developing scenarios for the already existing courses. A special e- platform for the workshop was developed to give them first hand experience. The participants comprised faculty members from different Schools of Study involved in professional programmes like medicine, engineering, education, management, law, etc. Each group developed a learning scenario in their respective discipline on a specific topic cantered on a story, challenging learners to reflect, solve problems and involve in learning activity that provide a meaningful learning environment. // Paper ID 773