Impact of Information Technology on Management Education Through Distance Mode

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF2 // Information technology is an amalgam of some wonderful inventions of the 20th century in electronics and communication. During a very short span of time it has acquired an important place in almost all aspects of human life and particularly in the field of education. India has taken some bold steps to adapt and absorb the advances in information technology by constitution of national task force. Having missed the benefits of the industrial revolution as a result of more than two centuries of colonization, the country is overtaken by the information revolution. At the same time globalization having opened the doors wide to alien influence, the government has decided to take all steps to make India an IT super power by adoption of IT as a national program so as to enable personal and national growth. The IT Action Plan′ intends to involve all walks of life e.g. industry and commerce, banking and insurance, finance, revenue, communication, media, human resource development, defense etc. The steps taken facilitates in providing effective education in almost all disciplines and particularly for the business schools, to use newer technologies so as to ensure better management education to all. // The increasing demand for management education, change in nature of business and industry within the newly created borderless market environment, and the revolution in information technology provide an opportunity to change the curricula and delivery system of management education so as to provide prospective managers an edge to successfully face the challenge in globally competitive setting. Therefore, management education and IT has to develop a mutually supportive relationship for achieving excellence. // We in India are using multi-technologies in imparting management education. At the one end, some premier institutions are having access to all facilities in terms of educational technology such as multimedia system, LAN, WAN, and World Wide Web on the other hand a large number of business school are still depending only on stereotyped lecture method in imparting knowledge. Therefore the existence of technology gap provides an opportunity to use IT supported education technologies for better delivery of education, easier access to a number of knowledge sources, sharing through networks and quality distance learning in management education. //