NETWAK - Digital Educational Training Support and Linkage to Employment for Needy and Marginalised People Globally

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Inspiring Innovations // NETWAK is a global digital education strategy and network that aims to enhance the access of free education courses to the global disadvantaged individuals with an emphasis on gender sensitivity. // The main objective of the NETWAK strategy is to create an online authentication audit system that seeks and verifies needy students globally who are willing to learn and are hindered by lack of resources and lack of access to technology. // The strategy involves identification of sustainable funding sources for both technical manpower, computer and educational resources that make education networking and learning possible globally. // The technical setup will require a server network to be established with protocols that enable authentication of user inputs collected from both computer and android phones on the NETWAK system. NETWAK is a non-profit making organization that provides free and low-cost certified education globally. NETWAK will be accessible on the internet to any android phone, tablet, PC and all laptop.
The network will be social media friendly to include networking capacity building on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and many other social media platforms. // Structure and purpose // NETWAK provides linkages to education opportunities worldwide. Proper administrative privileges will be allocated to individuals chosen by the governing council under the leadership of the founder president. The president elects the ten members of the governing council and has the mandate to replace them at any time. // NETWAK is a global network that leverages the internet to provide authentication systems that vet the skills, qualifications, suitability and experience of network tutors and the credibility of individuals and communities intending to seek education via the network. // NETWAK creates linkages and networks with the aim of providing subsidized digital education opportunities by identifying scholarships for talents identified from needy early childhood to advanced college and university higher education students and tutors extending to industry professionals looking to further skills and training. // NETWAK collaborates with employer companies and industries globally to connect graduands with job opportunities and to inform curriculum development in relevant government institutions to meet industry employment standards. // Paper ID 9471

Training,Employable Skills,Mobile Learning (mLearning),Educational Technology