The Jeffrey Town Model for Community Development

Gordon, Ivy V
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This paper will set out to show how the Jeffrey Town model for community development has been effectively applied to the deep rural community of Jeffrey Town in Jamaica, hence the Jeffrey Town Model with ICT as a key element. It will discuss the facets of the farmers association the vehicle that has led the process and driven the change. It will give a brief outline of the community history and highlight the tangible and intangible result components of the model and the effect they have had on the process. The upgrading of infrastructure, social activities and beautification work have their place and other examples will include the application of ICT through multimedia, community radio and free Wi Fi access linked to the alternative energy used for sustainability and the climate change mitigation steps being applied throughout the districts. Special attention will be paid to the investment in the human capital through training in order to be able to now successfully access and use open and distance learning models including those being supported by the Commonwealth Of Learning starting with basic computer literacy classes for the volunteer group to use the technology; securing facilitators willing to help build the capacity of local youth without exploitation so that real empowerment could begin. It will show collaborative partnerships with common aims and the best use of local expertise to create award winning community learning programmes that have engendered social change. Jeffrey Town is a success story validating the modern development assistance programmes whereby communities are empowered and shown how to help themselves, allowed to select their own imperatives and in this case redressing some of those difficulties in the area of maternal health, social issues and environmental management with superb results. This presentation will cite the practical steps COL has supported in the wider picture and occasions where the integrated approach to development shown in the Jeffrey Town Model is recommended. // Paper ID: 261

Institutional Development,Community Development,Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Rural Development,Models and Frameworks
Caribbean and Americas