Setting up a Small Business


The Coming Together radio series is designed for broadcast by local and community radio stations or it may be heard and downloaded from the web. It has been produced by OLSET and COL for use anywhere that people want to take action to help fight poverty and improve their lives, and in particular sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. // The “Setting up a Small Business” programme is about setting up a small scale enterprise - the way many people have managed to fight poverty. Scientist and lecturer Saminu Ibrahim acts as our guide as we hear inspiring examples of families or groups who have organised small money-raising activities. We learn about factors such as public policy and micro-finance that can make the difference and visit a brick making project in South Africa to get advice on one way to start and how to develop. // PRODUCTION TEAM DETAILS Co-ordinator for OLSET : Farhana Chand ; Project manager at COL : Paul West and Krishna Alluri ; Project consultants : Kennedy Onyango, Saminu Ibrahim, James Onyango and Frances Cox (writer/producer) ; South Africa field recordings : Pule Phalatse ; Other recordings: Our thanks to Kazimierz Janowski, Ruth Evans, Warrill Grindrod and Namiz Musafer ; Presentation : Vineeta Dwevidi and Rupa Jha ; Music: " Coming Together" theme music composed and recorded by Lee Sparey at The Grooveyard

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Coming Together: A Series of Radio Programmes About Fighting Poverty and Making Improvements to our Lives