How can OLD and CR play role in mitigating impacts of climate change damage: Bangladesh Perspective

Chowdhury, Badrul H
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Bangladesh is considered one of the worst victims of global climate change due to her geographical location,agrarian economy and high population density.Increased temperatures will add more problems for the country. While a torrent of melt-water from the Himalayan glaciers flow the rivers, causing soil erosion of coastal zones, including Sunderban mangrove forest, are being threatened by rising sea levels. Furthermore, saline water will creep into agricultural lands from the coastal belt leading to reduction of crops and rising temperature may bring new infections and bacterial diseases in the country.Bangladesh non-formal programs from Open university(BOU) and newly launched Community Radio(CR) stations simultaneously can play a vital role to reduce the problem.At present BOU has strong media coverage throughout the country and its non-formal educational programs through national TV and radio have emerged as a very popular and blissful program.Apart from this,recently community radio(CR) is also introduced and started their activity in full swing in the country.Its acceptance is increasing day by day. Through broadcasting non formal programs on climate change issues, BOU and existing CR stations can get a meteoric success in building timely awareness and minimizing the impacts of climate change.In this connection,BOU needs to strengthen its radio and TV programs involving leading experts in climate change research. BOU authorities may include and Interactive Community Radio (ICR) set within its Media Centre for regular and timely broadcasting program.It is believed that,if ICR add with BOU’s current facilities then its effectiveness will be increased in manifold.Present Government of Bangladesh is considering BOU’s ODL and CR as country’s development tools.In this backdrop, government is considering to provide educational channel with terrestrial TV facilities at BOU’s Media Centre so that 24-hour uninterrupted educational programs can be broadcasted.The government wants to flares CR stations across the country.Side by side, BOU will strengthen its radio facilities for its targeted people.I do believe, country’s devastating climate change impact will get a new lease of life if we successfully use BOU’s present ODL facilities and existing CR stations.The paper will discuss how the nation can get outmost help from BOU & CR in this regard. // Paper ID: 46

Technology and Innovation,Climate Change,Community Radio,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)