Educating grassroots girls and women through Community Learning Programme: CLP using Community Radio in Bangladesh

Sabuj, Saifuddin
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The primary education system in Bangladesh is one of the largest systems in the world. Though the country has undertaken a number of measures to improve primary education since its independence, recent Ministry of Primary & Mass Education statistics report shows 51% girls get enrolled in primary school but do not complete and dropout rate is 64%. Similarly, 59% of the adult illiterate is women. // Rupantar is concerned with the education of illiterate and semi-literate listener, especially women and girl, living in the rural areas of Bangladesh. We are working with 3 community radio (CR) stations using CLP method. Placing great emphasis on involvement and participation of community male-female in plan, design and production process we developed 3 plans on health and designed a series of radio production (on going). // The target learners are vulnerable to health like Adolescent Health, Reduce suicide through mental health support, Prevention awareness on Filariafis disease. Programs are produced based on field visit to get suggestion, record discussion-interview, drama from learners especially women and girls who are illiterate or semi-literate. // The main aim is to impart non-formal education through CR, interactivity between learners and CLP staff through field visit, discussion, letter and SMS. Regular visit help the project keep up to date with rural people. // It is unique for- 1) we produce programs for the rural illiterate and semi-illiterate women-girls; 2) we keep in touch with them through weekly field visit and recording; 3) we listen to the program with target learner every week and discuss to know their comments, suggestions and help illiterate learners to fill out questionnaire given as quiz in the program. // We have found changes while conducting workshop, face to face discussion with the target learners and it’s been creating positive impact and interest among the community. // Paper ID 419

Women and Girls' Education,Community Radio,Community Learning,Non-Formal Education,Gender