Effectiveness of Self Learning Material on Practices of In-service Auxiliary Nurse and Midwives (ANMs) Related to Behavior Change Communication (BCC) for Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Care

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF10 Sub-theme: Fostering Lifelong Learning // As per WHO, the global estimates for the year 2017 indicate that there were 295 000 women died during and following pregnancy and childbirth however most could have been prevented. Behavior Change Communication (BCC) is one of the most cost effective ways of targeting the issues of RCH care. There is a need to sensitize the Auxiliary Nurse and Midwives (ANMs) regarding the benefits of adopting a systematic BCC intervention (RMNCH+A in India 2013). // Objective: 1: To develop self learning material on BCC for RCH care 2: To assess effectiveness of Self learning material (SLM) on practices of ANMs regarding BCC for RCH care // Method: The quantitative research approach evaluative in nature and One group pretest and repeated post-test research design to assess the retention of learning among 94 study sample after reading the SLM was used for present study. Researcher developed SLM as an intervention of study with learning objective to describe the process of Behaviour Change Communication and related role of ANMs for RCH care and got validated by 21 subject experts. Structured questionnaire as an assessment tools consisting items on reported practices related to providing need based relevant information during RCH care, selection of audience and use of various BCC approaches and methods on selected RCH care component was developed and got validated by 21 subject experts. Pre-test assessment of 94 In-service ANMs (ISAs) selected from 16 health units of Delhi was done using validated tool ,SLM was introduced using group discussion method followed by reading at own pace of study sample . Post test-1 assessment was done after one month of introducing SLM then assessment for post test -2 was done after three months to assess the retention // Result And Conclusion : Findings shows that most of the In-service ANMs 61 (64.9%) scored below 50% marks in pre test assessment done before reading the SLM . It reveals that ISAs had inadequate practices regarding BCC for RCH care. However after reading the SLM majority of ISAs 89 (94.7%) and 56 (59.6%) scored more than 75% marks in post test-I and II respectively. Finding revealed that SLM was significantly effective to enhance the pre-test mean practice score from 51.05 to 99.25 and 86.90 in post test-I and II respectively (p<.001). // Discussion: It was revealed by Novick, (2009), that target people for MCH care desired comprehensive and relevant information to clear their doubts, and enable them take informed decisions. // Paper ID 3043

Learning Materials,Self-Learners