An Assessment of Computer and ICT Skills among Business Subjects Learners at Botswana Open University: Implications of ICT in Business Development

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

Of recent the Government of Botswana has considered information and communication technology (ICT) an important enabler for economic and social development and for enhancing the competitiveness of domestic business. This paper presents a study that focused on assessing computer and ICT skills of Business subject’s learners at Botswana Open University’s (BOU) Open Schooling. The study investigated levels of computer and ICT skills among Business subjects’ learners in open schooling. It aimed to find out levels of computer skills; existence of ICT skills and perception of business subject learners on adoption and use of ICT skills for teaching and learning. Sample size of 223 participants from Botswana Open University’s five regions was studied and data were collected using a survey questionnaire containing quantitative questions and was tested for reliability and validity using Cronbach alpha coefficient, and confirmatory factor analysis respectively. Rules of thumb for reliability and validity were done on 50 items. Non-probability snowball sampling technique through drop pick method was used. The findings showed that majority of the respondents had good computer typing skills, understood the basic functions of the computer hardware and think that it is essential for BOU’s open schooling to start offering study units online as opposed to printed books, and learners were good at navigating the internet. The study also revealed that respondents needed improvement in use of ICT tools for learning their business subjects and that the tools would enhance their understanding of the subject matter. Lastly future research and policy implications of ICT in business development are discussed. // Paper ID 65

Information and Communication Technology (ICT),Business Administration,Higher Education