Producing Effective Teachers Using Open and Distant Education (ODE): A Case Study of National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) Graduates in Nigeria

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Kontagora, Hafsat L
Azare, Garba D
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and Open University Malaysia (OUM)
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In a previous study on identifying and recruiting effective teachers in Kaduna state (EDOREN; 2016), the preliminary findings indicated that the identified effective teachers acknowledged the type of training they received from their training institutions as key factor to their effectiveness. This is contrary to opinions that teacher educators are not measuring up to expectation as pointed out by Humphrey & Crawford (2015). A good number of the identified effective teachers were products of National Teachers Institute (NTI). NTI employs only distance learning mode for teacher training. This present study is a buildup on the previous study to investigate and document research evidence of the specific things or aspect of these effective teachers’ training through the Institutes ODL that made them effective. Using qualitative research 20 teachers were selected from 20 primary schools in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria. In depth interviews were held with all the participants and the findings of the study were analyzed using IPA to examine live experience of participants. The study looked at the curriculum and teaching methodology (theory heavy programme/practical skills required), capacity of facilitators, other resources/facilities/infrastructure, Types of trainees (qualification and experience of trainees at the point of entry), Quantity of student, Teaching practice, record keeping and monitoring of students’ progress and strategic management. It is hoped that the findings from the study will generate new evidence that could be used by NTI and other teacher training institutions not only to upgrade teachers’ professional qualification but also to improve teaching. This will in turn contribute to future effectiveness in primary school teaching and learning. // Paper ID 398
Open and Distance Learning (ODL), Teacher Education