Netaji Subhas Open University (NSOU) - An Example of Good Governance

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Ghosh, Anirban
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PDF5: Cross-Cutting Theme // Netaji Subhas Open University as the State Open University has achieved the status of mega university and received the most prestigious International award (EDEA),2006 from the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) under the dynamic leadership of our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. Our challenge is to provide quality education at every door step within the State and we are able to reach the remotest areas of the State through our support services. Of course, the strength of the University lies in its support services, by which we have bridged the gap between the teachers and the taught and between the taught and the University. As such an effective man making education must remove the weaknesses, failures of the stereotyped ones and dispel all the gloominess of the Formal Education and strike at a new horizon in the field of education with all the luminess of the sun, as it were and here our NSOU takes up the grand torch. // NSOU has evolved Non-formal Distance Education which, shaken off all the hazards and stakes of the prevailing grand fatherly systems of education, has been a life learning education and it has promoted the human beings from the lumps of flesh to capital resources. The University has done the epoch making event in the field of education by introducing the ODL generating as it does, open and distant learning and it has a vital role to play in education all over the world in this knowledge crazy era. The growth of technology has created a strong need for life long learning in mankind which, in turn, is demanding increase of more learning opportunities. In this context, the ODL system needs to be of superior quality, flexible and adaptable so as to reach the learners beyond there geography and gender. Education is of the people, for the people and by the people. The emergence of new technologies particularly Interactive Communication Technology or Information and Communication Technology (ICT) encompassing radio, TV, cellular phones, computer network, satellite system have opened up new methods of providing instructions and learner support. This educational technology is capable of taking education to people rather than people to education. ICT is being used to increase access to education. // Emerging as it does from mass varsity, it goes with the largest accessibility for the people. It democratizes education and leaves no reservation against any one, high or low, lettered or not. NSOU reaches the unreached, includes the excluded, and takes up the drop outs with all respects and seriousness. The open and distance learning system of NSOU is totally based on innovative ideas. // In this paper, I have tried to show, how NSOU has achieved the status of Mega University and how it spreads its horizon in the rural and disadvantaged areas with its pioneering and innovative courses. // Paper ID 135

Open Universities,Mega-Universities,Governance