Building Educational Resilience in Mathematics Delivery and Assessment

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Soluk, Patricia
Greenwood-Lee, James
Peschke, Julie
Beltaos, Angela
Kumar, Vive
Munyikwa, Ken
Babiuk, Shauna
Rechseidler-Zenteno, Shauna
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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
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PCF10 Sub-theme: Building Resilience // Mathematics is a foundational subject in education. Learning outcomes in mathematics build on previous competencies and students are well-served by real-time intervention and feedback. However, contemporary math education is limited by technology, scalable learning, shareable experiences (both teaching and learning), and accessible modes of practice. Most assessment platforms do not have the functionality to support symbols and equations. During the pandemic we have diverted assessments in high enrolment mathematics courses from paper to electronic delivery. We developed randomized examinations for Introductory Statistics and Introduction to Calculus I and we developed an entire course with assessment using OERs (open educational resources) for Business Mathematics. Our team developed highly interactive, traceable, and intervenable content in math problem solving using the Möbius ( platform. We enabled an LTI integration of the platform into our LMS (learning management system) to provide seamless access for students. Möbius promotes cognitive learning through a powerful math engine, student feedback, analytics, and interactive STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curriculum content. We are serving 3,000 learners with effective assessment and have relieved faculty and staff of administering and marking alternative examinations through a long pandemic. We have seen improvements in student feedback, increased accessibility, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced exam security. Möbius is a truly scalable and cost-effective platform for math educators and students that provides more efficient and effective management of educational delivery. // Paper ID 0616
Resilience, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Online Learning, Assessment, Accessibility
Caribbean and Americas