MOODLE-LMS As An Innovative And Cost Effective E-Learning Tool For Open And Distance Learning

Falleiro, Sameena
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With the expansion of internet and distance technologies, Learning Management System (LMS) has provided an integrated platform for content, delivery and management of learning, as well as accessibility to a range of users, with the LMS acting as the central component of an enterprise e-learning implementation. Notwithstanding the same, one pressing requirement with regards to LMS is the understanding of how it may be used to enhance overall student engagement in distance learning. This is imperative since more the students are motivated to learn; the more likely they will be successful in their efforts; which then gets reflected in their academic performance. Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE) is a free, open source software package LMS, designed to help educators and researchers create effective online learning communities. // This paper examines the effectiveness of MOODLE-LMS on Engagement, Motivation and Performance with the help of tools and scales prepared by the researcher to assess the same. Through empirical research involving an experimental group and control group of undergraduate students, and by making use of a two sample ‘post-test only’ experimental research design, the paper focuses on finding whether there is a significant difference in engagement, motivation and performance through the use of MOODLE-LMS. // The study found a significant difference in the engagement, motivation and performance of students, with students using MOODLE-LMS performing better. The findings are useful to conclude that if MOODLE-LMS does contribute positively towards improving the outcomes in a classroom-like situation, it could likewise be an efficient as well as cost-effective option (infrastructure and trained faculty are both scarce in developing economies) vis-à-vis open and distance learning. Besides improving education directly through enhancement of performance, motivation and engagement, MOODLE-LMS could facilitate the expansion of higher education sector itself by providing access and effective learning opportunities for those deprived from higher education. // Paper ID: 346

Technology and Innovation,Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (MOODLE),eLearning,Learning Management Systems (LMS),Motivators,Open and Distance Learning (ODL)