Workshop Proposal - Engines for Education: Integrating Open Educational Resources in Learning and Teaching

Naidu, Som
Karunanayaka, Shironica P
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Objectives: This workshop will enable participants understand the concept of open educational resources within the contexts of open learning, open scholarship, and open educational practices. It will define and describe these concepts, how to identify open educational resources, evaluate their value in teaching, and integrate OER in learning and teaching. // A major focus of this workshop will be the development of competency in the use of an engine for the integration of open educational resources in learning and teaching (Schank, & Cleary, 1995). The proposed engine, which is based around the concept of the viable systems model (see Beer, 1985), promotes open educational resources as the essential fuel for effective, efficient and engaging teaching (e3 teaching). // E3 teaching takes place when teachers carefully choreograph the learning experiences of students in close alignment with the expected learning outcomes for them, with a fine balance of guidance and structure and judicious use of open educational resources (see Spector & Merrill, 2008). This kind of teaching is about putting students in environments where they want to learn and where they can discover their true passions for learning (see Robinson & Aronica, 2009, p. 238). // What we need for this kind of learning and teaching are models of teaching and learning which immerse students in the culture of the subject matter and the skill that is being learned. We need models of learning and teaching which offer opportunities for meaning and understanding to be developed through interaction among the learners, their readiness to learn, and attributes of the learning contexts, including open educational resources. Teachers in these models of learning and teaching are not merely “guides on the side” but engaged architects and choreographers of the students’ learning experience. // Audience: Teachers, educational technologists, learning scientists, educational/instructional designers/architects, media producers and any other interested persons. // Paper ID: 84

Promoting Open Educational Resources,Open Educational Resources (OER),Teacher Education