Teaching methodology for professional programmes in ODL: An exploratory study of the Management Programme of IGNOU

Agrawal, Neeti
Singh, Leena
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ODL system since its inception has gone a long way in terms of imparting education to the learners through different modes of teaching. Many professional and skill based programmes like MBA, MCA, etc. are being offered by various open distance learning institutes throughout the globe. Most of these programmes across the globe are offered online. The reason to this is the increased competition in higher education, which has stressed upon a need to look beyond the traditional mode of teaching. IGNOU also offers such programmes but most of them still have the Self Learning Materials (SLMs) as the main source of imparting education to the learners. Most of the studies, which have been done, are based on web-based learning. Shen et al (2008) have tried to explore the need to enhance skills of Application Software via Web-Enabled Problem-Based Learning and Self-Regulated Learning. This study was basically related to the computer software education in vocational schools. In another study Merrill & Gilbert (2008) stressed upon the need for peer interaction in a problem based learning (PBL) instructional form. // The need of the hour is to study the effectiveness of the SLMs used for professional programmes. An effort has been made in this paper to explore the efficacy of SLMs for Management Programme and what measures can be taken up to develop course materials with more of problem based learning instructional forms. The research methodology is based on primary as well as secondary data. A random survey has been conducted. The feedback and suggestions have been taken from the learners who have passed out the programme in 2009. The concentration of this paper is more on the PBL as a teaching methodology for professional programme. This is an exploratory study and will try to highlight the use of SLMs in an innovative form.

Formal Education,Open and Distance Learning (ODL),Management,Self-Learners,Higher Education,Teaching and Learning Methods