Capacity Building in ICT Across Nine Developing Countries

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Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

PCF5: Cross-Cutting Themes // Mindset Network is a non government organisation (NGO) which creates open digital educational content that is aligned to national policies and curricula. The digital format of this content includes multi-media, video and print and is made available via satellite technology. The quality assured content is made available to Health education sites and Schools through a website, satellite broadcasts and DVDs. Mindset is partnered with the South African government departments of Health and Educational and provides leadership and innovation in the arena of ICT. // In September 2004, the Department of Education, South Africa, published the white paper on e-Education. The aim of this paper is and was to accelerate learning and teaching within the developing world. The challenge that the developing world faces is to build capacity among educators and educational policy makers in order to implement and utilize the opportunities that ICTs present. To this end, Mindset Network, in collaboration with an educational specialist from the Commonwealth of Learning, designed and developed a two-week capacity building workshop focusing on developing digital educational materials for distance and open learning. Educational representatives from various developing countries in Africa and Asia attended. // The workshop was participatory in nature with Mindset facilitating the learning and production of digital content in print, video and multi-media. The project was evaluated consistently and in a triangulated manner, across all levels, for efficiency, effectiveness, impact, sustainability and relevance. Results demonstrated that positive features of such a capacity building workshop rested on key areas: participation with ones peers, sharing knowledge and experiences, being able to implement new lessons, consistent feedback and evaluation. The format and lessons learnt form this workshop are presented. // Paper ID 84

Capacity Building,ICT in Education